The URME Story


Our team has decades of experience working and serving in some of the wealthiest and poorest areas of the world. Meru County, Kenya holds a special place in our hearts as our friends there are actively working to improve their quality of life. It was their efforts in community improvement that inspired us to get involved.  

How do we Provide sustainable support? 

The URME Coffee project started as a desire to identify meaningful and sustainable ways to help our friends in Kenya. Research data un-shockingly told us that improving access to education and clean water should provide the biggest positive impact to the community. We received a really cool proposal from our friends that addressed education and water perfectly. The challenge became funding and scaling this project with limited resources and time as we all have full time careers.  

Discussions with our friends in Kenya helped us uncover an opportunity to connect their coffee production directly with the global market. 


URME Coffee was born.  


We’d be lying if we told you we knew how good Meru County coffee was when we started but it is truly special.  Mt. Kenya's rich volcanic soil, elevation and proximity to the equator is just right for growing Kenya AA+.    As are result, URME gets coffee that regularly receives Q grades of 86 and better with flavor profiles and notes that people in North America don’t see very often.   

As we worked with the farmers we learned that most are paid less than a living wage for their labor while producing their outstanding product.  Addressing this exploitive and unfair economic reality became the focus of our effort to create sustainable solutions.

The farmers now have an incentive to pursue high quality production as they can rely upon an open market supply chain to make it work. 


We have overcome all of those barriers and created a functioning business model built on solid relationships with local government, the local faith community and the best coffee farmers in Meru County.

Buy coffee, change lives

Our Vision of Impact: 

  • What we do directly

    • Connect the global market with undiscovered coffees 

    • Buy coffee at a rate that supplies living wages

    • Contribute funds for community designed improvement projects

  • What we hope this accomplishes 

    • Improved access to clean water 

    • Improved access to education 

    • Improved access to sustainable jobs 

Your purchase of URME Coffee provides living wages for the coffee growers, millers and other related service providers in Kenya. Supporting these growers fosters a sustainable improvement in the community.