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Specialty Coffee with a Purpose

The goal of URME is to partner growers and millers in Meru, Kenya with consumers around the world. Before URME, supply chain limitations discouraged locals from cultivating their coffee. We've changed that by eliminating valueless transactions. The other key to URME is ensuring the farmers and millers are compensated with a living wage. We like to think it's the fairest of trade.

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The Team

Who We Are

Ben, Christian and Eric started URME coffee in 2016 to bring the best Kenyan coffee to you.  We have committed to provide living wages to the farmers cultivating the world's best single origin coffee.

URME Coffee Ben and Family

Ben Wheeler

Interface Coordinator

Oil and gas professional turned coffee runner. Okay, not so much running as legitimate importing of the world's best Kenyan coffee. Ben was the driving force behind URME's formation and much of the horse power that kept the idea alive.

URME Coffee Christian and Family

Christian Washingon

Marketing Coordinator

Christian is the catalyst in relationship development with suppliers and customers. He has led multiple mission trips to Kenya. His efforts have helped this project move from concept to reality.

URME Coffee Eric and Family

Eric Maier

Customer Coordinator

Curb tiler by day, tinkerer by night and full time coffee consumer. Eric spent more than a decade making connections in the offshore oil and gas world. Now he's connecting URME to the coffee industry and consumers. 

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Interested in becoming a friend of URME for group orders or learning more? Simply reach out today.

Houston, TX, USA