7 February 2020: URME's single origin Kenya AA+ specialty arabica coffee, sourced directly from farmers, was roasted to the medium-light roast profile that brings out the floral notes and the berry flavors with a hint of citrus.


8 February 2020: The coffee was sealed in a fresh Elijja Craig Barrel provided by the Houston Bourbon Society, where it was rotated daily.

9 April 2020: The coffee was transfered to air-tight drums, and sent for packaging.


The beans as well as the brewed cup carry the distinct, but not overwhelming, aroma of Elija Craig Bourbon. Cuppings showed that the aging brought chocolate and carmel to the front of the flavor profile, resulting in complex combination of aromas and flavors that any bourbon or coffee connoisseur must experience.


$3.50 of each bag sold will be donated to Camp Hope on behalf of the Houston Bourbon Society.

Limited Edition HBS Barrel Aged Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz

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